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First and foremost, shout out Mark Titus. Dude’s the man. If you know, then you understand why I shouted him out. If you don’t know look him up and then you will understand..

Alright what to expect from this? First of all, this first blog is unlike the rest, this is just a back round story to how I got here. This blog is not a biography on me. I want you all to ask questions. I’m going to post about everything from starting a brawl in Cancun after our Rhode Island game, to throwing up air balls in front of 18,000 people, those “please god, don’t put me in” moments, PPW, South Pole stuff (see “South Pole” below), etc. Hit me up if you are interested in reading about something specific and we can make it happen.

Let me introduce myself and what I am trying to do here. My name is Andrew Terrell, I currently attend the University of Maryland; but if you’re here reading this, you probably already know all of that. Just like you probably already know that I “play” basketball. And by play, I mean a solid 15 minutes of on court action each season. Like over my 4 years I have averaged about 15 minutes of playing time a season. For reference, our starting point guard averages 19 minutes a half… So yeah.  I’m what you could call the prototypical walk-on. I literally SCREAM walk-on. By the time I leave this place next year, they’ll have my picture and probably a link to this blog in the college basketball dictionary beside the term… no, but really and let me hit the specifics on why. I am 5’10 and white... Lol kidding, sort of. But I am 5’ 10’’ and I am white. Only difference between me and people who actually played is the fact I have an extremely limited amount of athleticism. My speed on the court is what some would call a medium to slow pace, and if you ask Turgeon, I can’t guard a shadow. Except for you, the person reading this right now... I would give you 30 and I would bet the house.

Anyways, enough about me. I created this blog one reason. That being that there are tons of stories surrounding being a student-athlete in an NCAA Power 5 Athletic Program that aren’t being told, and I suppose more people deserve to hear those, too. So welcome to my blog - a look into the life of someone who has seen it all - NBA professionals (and not so professionals), thrown away talent, and a bunch of other shit.

Quick Note: swearing will not be prevalent in these posts - just at times that it’s imperative to get the point across… You know what I mean? Of course you do.*

Let’s start at the very beginning of my days in gods land, College Park, Maryland. I arrived in Maryland with only shreds of the flamethrower that I once had (see “flamethrower” in Reference Section below). Let me explain though there is a reason behind this. For starters, Senior spring break (good lord) and quite frankly having no knowledge until July that I was playing basketball in college. In June I was packed and ready to hit Indiana University in Bloomington, as a normal student. Hard. Like real hard. Before my freshman year, I got a call from Nima Omidvar, the Director of Basketball Operations (DOBO) at the University of Maryland telling me how bad the squad needed me. (not actually but he did ask if I wanted to play, and we went from there. We’ll chat more about Nima later, because that’s my guy right there) But I didn’t make the final decision to attend UMD until late July, which literally made me the latest enrollee in school history.  

My year coming in was 2015 and we had a mob that year. Absolute kill squad. Ranked no. 2 in the country and when you’re ranked no. 2, even the last kid on the bench gets love.The team was made up of absolute dogs.. Melo Trimble, Jake Layman, Rasheed Sulaimon, Robert Carter Jr. Diamond “Young Sav” Stone, etc. No one cared who I was, I am not entirely sure Coach Turgeon even knew I was on the team until Mid November that year. Let’s put it this way… The first words Diamond “Young Sav” Stone said to me was  “Yo, can you grab my water?” The man thought I was a new manager and quite frankly he literally made me think i was the manager for a second. I grabbed the water, asked if he wanted ice and all that. This was soon followed up by Melo Trimble, asking the gym extremely loudly “Who the new white boy was?” And yes, I was that white boy. I was scared out of my mind, but that is where this crazy ride of mine began almost 4 years ago.

Quick story on Melo Trimble - first time I meet the dude he is walking into the gym a little late because of a summer class, shoes untied, shirt untucked. Coach Turgeon tells him to hurry up and get in the drill. Melo immediately gets in the drill and just drops rain in some kids face. I’m talking dagger after dagger. The manager besides me whispers “Yeah, that's why he is allowed to be f*ckin late.” Melo, whom I will get back to later, was a stud.

In the coming Tuesday’s I will start with stories, answering questions and all that good stuff. This isn’t a me thing, it is an us thing. FOH lol this is a me thing. But seriously tell me what you want and ask questions.

Spread the word. Enjoy your day. But first, pass me the towel buddy, it’s cold down here.

xo Andrew

Reference Section:

Flamethrower - uncanny shooting ability.

South Pole - The end of the bench. Warm-ups on. Absolutely freezing down there

"The Shot"